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This site features the submissions of guys who managed to film some of their sex escapades with now ex girlfriends. Amateurs are fully exposed in this site’s user-submitted content. Ex-lovers get ultimate revenge on their partners by posting homemade sex tapes and photos. These ladies were caught in the act for all to see. Small boobs or large boobs, chubby or skinny, hairy or shaved, You’ll see all kinds of amateur, natural babes here.

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A Dime In Daisy Dukes.wmv
A Game of Chess.mp4
A Hard Wet Cock.mp4
A Night Out At Home.wmv
A Shot Of Cream.mp4
Abigaile’s Seductive Dance.wmv
Abused And Used Hottie.wmv
Addison’s Fountain.wmv
Adorable Busty Ex Sextape.wmv
Adorable Mallory Loves Cum.wmv
After Work Fuck.mp4
Afternoon Anal Play.wmv
Afternoon Cream.wmv
Afternoon Fuck.mp4
Alaina Loves Blowing Bubbles.wmv
Alex Get’s Her Clam Jammed.mp4
All She Can Take.mp4
American Princess Slut.wmv
Ample Tits & Tight Pussy.mp4
Anal Enjoyment Romance.wmv
Anal Knowledge.mp4
Anissa’s Love Ride.wmv
Anissa’s Sexy Bath.wmv
Army Brat Blowjob.wmv
Around The Cock.wmv
Art Student Boned.wmv
Arts & Recreations.wmv
Asian Delight.mp4
Ass From Above.mp4
At The Office.wmv
Back To School Special.mp4
Backstabbing Bookworm Whore.wmv
Balls Deep in Her Ass.mp4
Balls Deep In Pussy.mp4
Bangin’ Ex’s Friend.wmv
Bangin’ Outside.wmv
Banging Busty Birthday Bitch.wmv
Bar Slut.wmv
Barely Legal Summer Fun.wmv
Bath Time Fun.wmv
Bathtub Tug And Suck.wmv
Beautiful Morning With You.wmv
Before You Go To Bed.mp4
Best Friend’s Wife Blowjob.wmv
Best Friends Fuck.wmv
Between The Sheets.mp4
Big Booby Girl Fucks Her Man On Cam.wmv
Big Dick Suck n’ Ride.wmv
Big Hot Tits.wmv
Big Swallow.mp4
Big Tit Massage.mp4
Big Titty Explorer.wmv
Birthday Blowjob Bitch.wmv
Birthday Fantasy.wmv
Birthday Sexy Surprise.wmv
Bitch Loves Surfer Cock.wmv
Blonde Anal Cheater.wmv
Blonde Attention Whore.wmv
Blonde Bombshell Breakup.wmv
Blonde College Dorm Whore Blowjob.wmv
Blonde Cunt
Blonde Ex Sex Tape.wmv
Blonde Four-Eyed Facial.wmv
Blonde Pussy.mp4
Blonde Slutty Rommmate.wmv
Blonde, Pink & Wet.wmv
Blondes Have More Sex.mp4
Blondie Busty Ex Gets Nasty.wmv
Blowup Doll Threesome.wmv
Body Paint Blowjob.wmv
Bohemian Babe.mp4
Bombshell Boned On Cam.wmv
Bondage Back Stabbing Bride!.wmv
Bondage Backstabbing Bitch.wmv
Boning For The Rock.wmv
Booty Shine.mp4
Bound And Facial’d.wmv
Boxing Babe.mp4
Brand New Pearl Necklace.wmv
Breakfast is Served.wmv
Broken Heart, Bruised Pussy.wmv
Brunette Teen Ex.wmv
Brunette Teen.mp4
Busty And Playful Revenge.wmv
Busty Birthday Blowjob.wmv
Busty Blonde Betrayal.wmv
Busty Blonde Toy.wmv
Busty Boricua Shameless Sextape.wmv
Busty Brunette Tits.wmv
Busty Brunette Whore.wmv
Busty Cheating Bitch.wmv
Busty Cheating Slut.wmv
Busty Chocolate Cock Sucker.wmv
Busty Dorm Room Slut.wmv
Busty Ex Last Titty Fuck.wmv
Busty Ex’s Nasty Habits.wmv
Busty Ex-Girlfriend Stolen Porno.wmv
Busty Ex-Girlfriend’s Stolen Porno.wmv
Busty Ex-Housewife Blowjob.wmv
Busty Ex-Wife’s Kitchen Blowjob.wmv
Busty Hot Latina Cheating Slut.wmv
Busty Latina Blonde Fucking.wmv
Busty Punk Rock Cock Sucker.wmv
Camel Toe.wmv
Candy Cane Dessert.wmv
Candy Girl One To Many Raves.wmv
Celebrate Good Times.wmv
Celebration Sex.wmv
Cheating Brazillian Bitch.wmv
Cheating Dirty Slut.wmv
Cheating Fun.wmv
Cheating Girl Next Door.wmv
Cheating Latina Melanie.wmv
Cheating Latina Slut Fucking.wmv
Cheating Molly Fucked Hard.wmv
Cheating Slut Fucked.wmv
Check Mate.mp4
Chloe’s Sexual Dreams.wmv
Cholita Loves Deepthroat!!.wmv
Christmas Anal Surprise.wmv
Cleaning Up A Dirty Slut.wmv
Cleaning Up.mp4
Cock Addiction.wmv
Cock Hungry Slut.mp4
Cock Massage.mp4
Cock Starved Play Thing.mp4
Cock Sucker Studying Slut.wmv
Cock Sucking Shower.wmv
College Cock Sucker.wmv
College Girl Fucked Over.wmv
College Girl Fun.wmv
College Girl Scandalous Sextape.wmv
College Romance.wmv
College Slut Fuck Up.wmv
College Sweatheart Blues..wmv
College Sweetheart Kasey.wmv
College Teen Anal.mp4
College Whore Ex-Shame.wmv
Come Home For Cock.mp4
Coming Home To Bone.mp4
Coming in for a Morning Fuck.mp4
Convince My Cock.mp4
Cookies and Cock.mp4
Couch Surfing.wmv
Counting Callies.wmv
Country Girl’s Sweet Jacuzzi Fuck.wmv
Courtyard Pounding.mp4
Cowgirl Lust.wmv
Crawling for Cock.mp4
Crazy Ex’s Last Fuck.wmv
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Caught on Tape.wmv
Creamsicle Cutie.wmv
Creamy Chocolate Tits.mp4
Curvy Brunette Cheats On Boyfriend.wmv
Cute Jenna Fucks Hard.wmv
Cute Latina First Time Sex Tape..wmv
Dancing For Cock.mp4
Dancing with Holly.wmv
Dani Jensen’s Ride.wmv
Deep In Her Ass.mp4
Deep Throat Pleasures.wmv
Digging Deep Into Anissa.wmv
Dillions Last Stand.wmv
Dirty Whore Cheating Sensi.wmv
Dishonest Busty Blonde Whore.wmv
Does A Body Good.mp4
Don’t Cheat On Me Biatch.wmv
Downward Dog.mp4
Eager Hot Slut.wmv
Eager Young Slut.mp4
Early Morning Booty Call.wmv
Early Morning Pussy.mp4
Easy Bake Pussy.mp4
Elaina’s Play Time.wmv
Ella’s Seductive Lure.wmv
Escalating Pleasure.wmv
Ex Can Fuck Non-Stop.wmv
Ex Girl Hollie Lounging In Underwear..wmv
Ex Girlfriend Nasty Sextape.wmv
Ex Girlfriend Video Mayhem..wmv
Ex Gives Pity Fuck.wmv
Ex Loved to Please.wmv
Ex Stripper Tanya’s Revenge.wmv
Ex-Girl Has Some Fun.wmv
Ex-Girlfriend Gets Internet Startdom..wmv
Ex-Model Busted By Boyfriend.wmv
Ex-Wife’s Final Fuck.wmv
Ex-Wife’s Slutty Revenge.wmv
Exchanging Vows.wmv
Fancy Fuck.wmv
Feed Me Pussy.mp4
Feed Me Samantha.mp4
Feeding Her Desires.mp4
Feeding Him Pussy.mp4
Fiery Latina.mp4
Fiery Pussy.wmv
Film Buff.wmv
Fine Tuned Whore.wmv
Fleeting Passion.wmv
Fleshlight Surprise.mp4
Flexible Ballerina Blowjob.wmv
Flexing Sex.wmv
Flower Fuck.mp4
Flowers For Her.mp4
Foreign Exchange Girlfriends..wmv
Freaky Ex’s First.wmv
Frisky Poolside Slut
Fuck Buddies.mp4
Fucked Her In Theater.1.wmv
Fucked Her in Theater.wmv
Fucking Fun.mp4
Fucking Hubbie’s Younger Brother.wmv
Fucking in the Kitchen.mp4
Fucking In The Morning.mp4
Fucking My Buddy’s Girl.mp4
Fucking Over Some Big Titties.wmv
Fucking To The Beat.wmv
Full Service Massage.mp4
Full Service.wmv
Fun in the Tub.wmv
Fun with Balls.wmv
Game of Seduction.wmv
Gaping Asshole Fiance Slut!.wmv
Garage Style Slut.wmv
Getting Caught Masterbating..wmv
Getting Dirty in the Shower.wmv
Getting Wet.mp4
Gifts For His Lady.mp4
Girl Next Door.mp4
Girl On The Block.wmv
Good to Go Slut.wmv
Goody-Good Slut.wmv
Gorgeous Busty Latina Back Stabber.wmv
Gorgeous Exotic Teen Ex.wmv
Gym Slut MILF.wmv
Half Asian Ex Gets Nasty.wmv
Hammering The Hoe.wmv
Happy B-Day Cunt.wmv
Happy Ending.mp4
Hard Muscles.mp4
Hardcore Skinny Ex Sextape Scandal.wmv
Heart Breaking Babe.wmv
Heavenly Pussy.mp4
Heels, Legs, and Ass For Days.wmv
Hide & Seek.wmv
Holly’s Hot Distraction.wmv
Home Alone Kinky Bitch.wmv
Home Entertainment.wmv
Home Made Sex Video.wmv
Home Made Surprise.wmv
Homemade Housewife Porno!!!.wmv
Homie’s Slutty Latina.wmv
Honey Bee.mp4
Honeymoon Poon.wmv
Horny Blonde Bones Boyfriend.wmv
Horny Ex Ho.wmv
Horny Exotic Teenage Blowjob!.wmv
Horny Goodbye Fuck.wmv
Horny Headphones.mp4
Horny Latina.mp4
Horny Petite Latina Sex Tape Shenanigens.wmv
Horny Teen Proposition.mp4
Horny, Fucked Over And Creampied.wmv
Horror Whore.mp4
Hot & Horny.mp4
Hot & Wet.wmv
Hot Big Booty Latina Sextape.wmv
Hot Bitch With Nice Tits.wmv
Hot Blonde Tasha.wmv
Hot Blonde Whore Samantha.wmv
Hot Brunette Break Up Sex.wmv
Hot Brunette Cock Swallowing.wmv
Hot Busty EX Secret Sex-Vid.wmv
Hot Club Chick Gets Banged.wmv
Hot DJ Chick.wmv
Hot Ex Girlfriend Fucks On Camera!.wmv
Hot Girl With Nice Tits.wmv
Hot Hook Up.wmv
Hot Kinky Brunette Busty Bitch.wmv
Hot Latina Cheating Latina Slut.wmv
Hot Memories, Cold Bitch.wmv
Hot Sex Middle Eastern Style.wmv
Hot Smoking Cock Sucker.wmv
Hot Teen Cheater.wmv
Hot Teen Seduction.mp4
Hot Tub Hook Up.mp4
Hot White Girl’s Naughty Camera Scandal.wmv
Hotel Hottie.mp4
Hotel Rendezvous.mp4
Hotter Yoga.mp4
Hottie Katie Jordin Fucked.wmv
Housewife Whore Alexis Texas.wmv
How To Fuck Like A Rockstar.wmv
Ice In Her Pussy.mp4
In Heat.wmv
In Her Ass.mp4
Indoor Picnic.wmv
Jayden’s Perfect Squat.wmv
Juicy ATM.wmv
Juicy Blonde.wmv
Kama Sutra Fucking.wmv
Kinky Fetish Blonde Cheater.wmv
Kinky Jennifer Fucked Hard.wmv
Kinky Rocker Dani Gets Her Closeup..wmv
Kiss Me.mp4
Lady In Waiting.mp4
Last Time With My Hot Blonde Ex.wmv
Latina Christmas Sex.wmv
Latina Ex Camera Show!.wmv
Latina Slut Caught Fucking.wmv
Let Us Play.wmv
Lets Get Naughty.wmv
Lewd Lap Dance.mp4
Lexi’s First Love.wmv
Lily Loves It.wmv
Lily should have kept the tape..wmv
Lina’s Bath of Cum.wmv
Little Brown Bitch.wmv
Long, Slow Strokes.mp4
Looking for Cock.wmv
Loves It Hard & Long.wmv
Lucky Imaginations.wmv
Luv You Boo.wmv
Maid For Passion.wmv
Mall Slut.mp4
Me And My Hot Slut.wmv
Milk Bath Blowjob.wmv
Milky Bath Sex.wmv
Mirror, Mirror.wmv
Money Hungry Ex Revenge..wmv
Morning Fuck.mp4
Morning Fuck2.mp4
Morning Fucking.mp4
Morning Passion.mp4
Morning Pussy.mp4
Morning Rub And Tug.mp4
Morning Sex.wmv
Mouth Full Of Cum.mp4
Mouthful Of Cum.mp4
Movin’ In Deep.wmv
Moving Day.wmv
Multiple Orgasms.mp4
Music Lesson.mp4
Music To My Cock.wmv
My Ex Lover.wmv
My First Tutor.mp4
My Naughty Toy.mp4
Nadia washes of her filth..wmv
Naive Teen Fucked Over!.wmv
Naked Persuasion.wmv
Nasty Ex Girlfriend Loves the Camera..wmv
Nasty Pregnant Cheating Slut.wmv
Naughty and Nasty.wmv
Naughty Natasha.wmv
Naughty Nurse.mp4
New Beginnings.wmv
New Boobs, New Boyfriend.wmv
New Camera! Dirty Slut!.wmv
Nice and Clean.wmv
Nightlife Whore Madelyn Gets Fucked.wmv
Nikki’s Freaky Nooner.wmv
No One’s Home.wmv
No Peeking Allowed.wmv
No Toying Around.wmv
On All Fours.wmv
On Her Knees.wmv
On The Side Fuck.wmv
One In The Pink.wmv
One Last Fuck.wmv
Panoramic Sex.wmv
Passion Picnic.wmv
Patriotic Pussy Pleasure.mp4
Peel His Banana.mp4
Peeping Tom Neighbor.mp4
Perfect 10 Back Stabbing Slut!.wmv
Perfect Cameltoe.mp4
Petite Latina Gets Porked.wmv
Petite Teen Cheating Slut.wmv
Photo Shoot.mp4
Pillows And Pussy.mp4
Pink Pussy.mp4
Platinum Pussy.mp4
Playing With Myself.mp4
Please Don’t Tell.wmv
Pleasure Before Business.wmv
Pocket Pool.wmv
Poolside Beauty.wmv
Poolside Cheating Pussy.wmv
Poolside Cheating Pussy2.wmv
Poolside Delight.mp4
Poolside Hottie.wmv
Pop Porn.wmv
Private Fuck Party!.wmv
Private Sextape.wmv
Pumping Fantasy.wmv
Pumping Orgasms.wmv
Pussy & Breakfast
Pussy Bath.mp4
Pussy Check Mate.wmv
Pussy Exercises.wmv
Pussy Exploration.mp4
Pussy For Breakfast.mp4
Pussy Pleasure.wmv
Pussy Pound A Princess.wmv
Pussy Pumped And Dumped!.wmv
Pussy Reflection.mp4
Putting On A Show.mp4
Putting on a Show.wmv
Quiet Girl Next Door.wmv
Rachel Roxxx the Cock.wmv
Ready for You.mp4
Ready To Please.wmv
Real Ex Phone Sex.wmv
Real Ex’s Final Fuck.wmv
Red Head Kitty.wmv
Red Hot.wmv
Redheaded Hotel Getaway.wmv
Revenge Cums.wmv
Rise And Shine Me.wmv
Romantic Escapade.wmv
Rose Bed Blowjob Riley.wmv
Rose Petals.wmv
Rough Fuck Slut.wmv
Rub Her Pussy Too.wmv
Rug Burn Bitch.wmv
Rustic Loving.wmv
Seaside Vacation Fuck
Sensual Sexual Ride.wmv
Serving Up Creampie.mp4
Sextape Release of Sexy Brawd.wmv
Sexual Interactions.wmv
Sexual Satisfaction.wmv
Sexy Ass Sunbathing Slut.wmv
Sexy Brunette Bombshell.wmv
Sexy like Christmas Morning.wmv
Sexy Novel.mp4
Sexy Show Off.mp4
Sexy Snapshots.mp4
Sexy Spar Session.mp4
Sexy Sultry Ex.wmv
Shake That Ass.mp4
Shaved Muff.mp4
She Forgot About The Videotape.wmv
She kinda Look Like Britney.wmv
She Loved It Deep.wmv
She’s My Suiteheart.wmv
Shower Hottie.mp4
Shy Girlfriend Blossoms into Slut.wmv
Sink One In The Hole.wmv
Sleazy Dorm Fornications.wmv
Slender Asian Snatch.mp4
Slip N’ Fuck Whore.wmv
Slippery Wet Anal.mp4
Slippery When Wet.mp4
Slippery When Wet.wmv
Slut Madison’s Sex Tape.wmv
Slutty Housewife.mp4
Slutty Stepsister.mp4
Slutty Young Girl
Smoking Hot 18yo April.wmv
Smooth Cunt.mp4
Soft Pillows Hard Cock.mp4
Sophisticated Lovin.wmv
Spa and Chill.mp4
Special Delivery.wmv
Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath.mp4
Split Open.mp4
Sport Fan Slut.wmv
Spread Them Legs.wmv
Spread Them Legs.wmv
Spring Break Fuck Fest.mp4
Spring Break Slut.mp4
Spunky Whore Girlfriend.wmv
Squat And Bounce.wmv
Squirting Teen.mp4
Stayin’ In.wmv
Staying Home to Fuck.mp4
Strawberries & Cream.wmv
Strawberries and Cream.mp4
Stripped Down.mp4
Stripped Naked.mp4
Stroke & Blow.mp4
Studious Slut.mp4
Stupid Ex Trashes Drum Set..wmv
Suction Cup Orgasm.mp4
Sun Soaked Slut.mp4
Sunny Blonde Bunny Pussy.wmv
Super Fine Ex Sextape.wmv
Surprising My Step Bro.mp4
Sweaty Massage.mp4
Sweet Anniversary Love Lust.wmv
Sweet Kendall’s Past Romance.wmv
Sweet Latina With Sexy Bod Does Sextape.wmv
Sweet Surprise Slut.wmv
Tanned Teen Beauty.mp4
Tasha’s in Trouble.wmv
Tasha’s Show Aphrodisia.wmv
Tasha’s Tennis Coach Fantasy.wmv
Tattooed And Screwed.wmv
Teen Pussy.mp4
Teen Slut Amia Goes Deep.wmv
Teenage Hole.mp4
Tennis Slut.mp4
Tennis Tease.mp4
The Bathroom Floor.wmv
The Best Part Of Waking Up.wmv
The Boyfriend Trick.wmv
The Couple.wmv
The Golden Rule.wmv
The Greatest Pussy.wmv
The Joke Is On You.wmv
The Language of Lust.wmv
The Luv Slide.wmv
The Perfect Ex-Girlfriend.wmv
The Random.mp4
The Taste of Another.wmv
Thick Dick Seduction.wmv
Thunder Tits.mp4
Ticklish Redhead Whore.wmv
Tight Busty Cheating Whore.wmv
Tight Slim Latina Amateur.wmv
Tight Sweaty Workout Slut.wmv
Tijuana Nights with Andrea..wmv
Tits and Ass Feast.wmv
Titty Fucking Ex-Girlfriend.wmv
To Hot For You.wmv
Toast To Pleasure.wmv
Transcendent Pussy.mp4
Trouble In Busty Paradise.wmv
True Cheatin’ Whore.wmv
Tweet This Bitch!.wmv
Two Toys At A Time.mp4
Under The Cover.mp4
Undressed For Success.mp4
Unfaithful Bathroom Fornication.wmv
Upskirt Antics.mp4
Uptown Pussy.wmv
Uptown Pussy2.wmv
Vacation Vixen.mp4
Valentine Fuckdoll.mp4
Wake and Fuck.mp4
Wake Up to Sex.wmv
Waking Up Horny.mp4
Want Some Oranges.wmv
Warm Moist Pussy.mp4
Warming Up Her Hole.mp4
Washing Dishes, Fucking Bitches.wmv
We Fuck At Dawn.wmv
Welcome Back.mp4
Wet All Over.wmv
Wet and Wild.wmv
Wet Finger Fucking.mp4
Wet Fingers.mp4
Wet Pussy Play.mp4
White Girl DJ Sex Leak.wmv
White Hot.wmv
White Sheets.mp4
Wild Fucking Nooner.wmv
Working Her Vibrator.mp4
Working It.mp4
Yeah Baby, Tease Me.wmv
Yoga & Sex.mp4
Yoga Fun With Blonde Ex.wmv
You Do You.mp4
Young Flesh.mp4
Young Slutty Fun.wmv
Your Essence.wmv

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