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If you enjoy some of the wildest and extreme fetishes around then you have to try NEWMFX.COM. They have movies of facesitting, kissing, sleeping, farting and just about anything you can think of.

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MF-4152 Your Tongue Took Me to Orgasm BIG TONGUE (Monica S., Beatriz R., 2011).mp4
MF-4251 Facesitting Soccer Field (Jade Cortez, Renatinha, 2011).mp4
MF-4253 Bulldozer Asshole (Jade Cortez, Renatinha, 2011).mp4
MF-4254-1 Suck me with Whipped Cream (Jade Cortez, Nara Lemos, 2011).mp4
MF-4341 Mistress Patricia Castro’s Hole Fucked (Patricia Castro, Lu, 2012).mp4
MF-4350 Mel’s Tongue Entering Patricia’s Asshole (Patricia Castro, Viviane Mel, 2012).mp4
MF-4697-1-1_8000 Clean my Giant Ass (Dani Salimelis, Melissa Ramos, 2013).mp4
MF-4804 Don’t Wake Me Up (Anne Portilha, Nanda, 2013).mp4
MF-4822 Cibelle Mancine’s Anal Proposal (Cibelle Mancini, Patricia Malth, 2013).mp4
MF-4827 Clean my Asshole Sucker! (Cibelle Mancini, Viviane Mel, 2013).mp4
MF-4829 Can you Fuck Me. Idiot Slave (Priscila Malth, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-4835 Clean Inside My Dirty Hole (Natasha Cooper, Naty Vulgo, 2013).mp4
MF-4848 Anal Law (Fernanda Ferraz, Viviane Mel, 2013).mp4
MF-4875 2 Evil Girls in Facesitting Extreme (Carol Castro, Nicole Bittencourt, Crislaine, 2013).mp4
MF-4913 Double Dose (Gaby Venturini, Yara Rocha, Viviane Mel, Juliana, 2013).mp4
MF-4931 Sweet Lollipop Ass Licking (Rapha Vegas, Viviane Mel, 2013).mp4
MF-4945 Ass Licking Lessons by Mel (Gaby Venturine, Viviane Mel, Juliana, Tati, 2013) .mp4
MF-4961 Perfect Fantastic Lola Mello’s Ass Worship (Lola Mello, Melissa Ramos, 2013).mp4
MF-4975 Lola Mello’s Ass Worship on the Bath (Lola Mello, Fefe, 2013).mp4
MF-4994 Lick My Lipstick Ass (Alessandra Marques, Fefe, Juliana, 2013).mp4
MF-5010 Angel Lima’s Total Fuck Face (Angel Lima, Melissa Ramos, 2013).mp4
MF-5018-1-1_8000 Betting for a Asshole (Lola Mello, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5025 Paying to Be Your Slave (Carol Castro, Fefe, 2013).mp4
MF-5061 Can I test your slave (Alessandra Marques, Carol Castro, Melissa Ramos, 2014) .mp4
MF-5066 Ass Licking Test With New Slave (Lola Mello, Melissa Ramos, Ju Fernandes, 2014) .mp4
MF-5072 2 Crushers Asses (Angel Lima, Carol Castro, Priscylla, 2014).mp4
MF-5073 The Best Slave Is Mine (Angel Lima, Carol Castro, Melissa Ramos, Priscylla, 2014).mp4
MF-5077 Give an Orgams _ Lesbian Domination (Angel Lima, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5081 Ass Slave For A Day – Most Erotic Than Never (Lola Mello, Alessandra Marques, 2014).mp4
MF-5132 Big Asses Game (Alessandra Marques, Mayara Shelson, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5133 Ass of My Dreams (Mayara Shelson, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5151 Lola’s 1st Uncontrolable Orgasm (Lola Mello, Kamila Werneck, 2014).mp4
MF-5158 First Fernandinha Fernandess Anal Service – Fernandinha Fernandes, Priscylla, 2013).mp4
MF-5160-1 Don’t Say Goodby(Fernandinha Fernandes, Lola Mello).mp4
MF-5178 Mayara Shelson Giving Her BIG ASS (Mayara Shelson, Drika, 2014).mp4
MF-5190 Acrobatic Ass Worship (Carol Castro, Kamilla Werneck, 2014).mp4
MF-5192 3Are Better (Carol Castro, Kamilla Werneck, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5205 Virgin Ass of Barbara (Barbara Parker, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5210 Fuck My Ass (Karol Vilella, Drika, 2014).mp4
MF-5219 Lesbian AssLicking Trio (Lola Mello, Kamila Werneck, Cindy Blueberry, 2014).mp4
MF-5222 Delicious Teen Asshole (Carol Castro, Laysa, 2014).mp4
MF-5227 Can you recognize your queen (Lola Mello, Bruninha, Natasha, Drika, 2014).mp4
MF-5231 Do You Want Serve My Ass (Fernandinha Fernandes, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5245-1 Two for Me (Ayla, Cindy Blueberry, Lola Mello, 2015).mp4
MF-5251 In My Way – Fantastic Cibelle Mancinne Ass Worship (Cibelle Mancini, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5276 Satisfying My Anal Desire (Cindy Blueberry, Natasha, 2014).mp4
MF-5286 Sweet Kamilla’s Ass (Kamila Werneck, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5294 Delicious Black Asshole (Anny Bombom, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5305 Provocative Ass Licking (Lola Mello, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5307 Licking Delicious Jessica’s Ass (Jessica, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5310 Worshiping Sexy Fadyla’s Ass (Fadyla, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5332 Sweaty Assholes (Anny Bombom, Lyandra Andrade, 2014).mp4
MF-5357-1 First Time Nanda’s perfect ass licking – (Nanda, Melissa Ramos, 2014) .mp4
MF-5359 Ass Licking Orgy (Anny Bombom, Carol Castro, Jessica, Paola, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5366-1 Jessica ass worship on the Garden (Jessica, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5367 Serving Diana’s Ass (Diana Lins, Ju Fernandes, 2014).mp4
MF-5383 Worshipping Goddess Diana’s Ass (Diana Lins, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5386 Nicole’s Sweaty Ass Worship (Nicole Bittencourt, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5392 Deep in Ass Real Amateur Movie (Agatha Giant, Dominique Giant, 2014).mp4
MF-5399 Alana’s Anal Pleasure (Alana, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5407 Suck Me or Lose Your Job (Paola, Steffany, 2014).mp4
MF-5412-1 Cinthia Santoss Perfect Ass Worship (Cinthia Santoss, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5415 Worshipping Fantastic Alana’s Ass (Alana, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5425 Horny Asses (Alana, Lorena, 2015).mp4
MF-5443 Stay Here and Lick Me (Grazy, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5451 Give Me Your Tight Ass Little Bitch (Carol Castro, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5458 Cleaning Angel’s Ass (Angel Lima, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5460 Angels Real Anal Orgasm (Angel Lima, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5466-1 Two Girls to Suck Me (Grazy, Melissa Ramos, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5474-1 Katie Fantastic Face Fuck Lick My Wet Orgasm (Keith Becker, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5476 Erotic Bath (Grazy, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5495 Interracial Ass Licking (Gisele, Melissa Ramos, 2014).mp4
MF-5504 MF-5504-1 Kiss Slavery (Grazy, Giuliana, 2015).mp4
MF-5514 Ana’s New Ass Slave (Ana Julia, Bianca aka Ysys Martins, Viviane Mel, 2014).mp4
MF-5526 Fantastic Keith’s 1st Ass Worship (Keith Becker, Melissa Ramos, 2015).mp4
MF-5529 I Know Your Secret. Young x Milf (Tuca Viana, Melissa Ramos, 2015).mp4
MF-5552 Lick My Cumed Ass (Aline Rios, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5556 Learning to Suck an Ass (Keith Becker, Viviane Mel, Michele Santos, 2015).mp4
MF-5582 Anal Jealous (Anny Bombom, Bebel, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5590 Don’t Stop Suck Me (Rebeca Santos, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5593 Rebecca Rios Perfect Ass Worship (Rebeca Rios, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5622-1 Worshipping Perfect Chris Castelary’s Asshole (Chris Castelary, Mel).mp4
MF-5629 Slave’s Birthday (Rebecca Santos, Viviane Mel, Bruna, 2015).mp4
MF-5650 Serving Lilian’s Hot Ass and Pussy (Lillian, Bruna, 2015).mp4
MF-5653 Ass Slavery (Bruna, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5666 Anal Interview (Nadia, Bruna, 2016).mp4
MF-5668 Cruel Top Girl Rebeca’s Facesitting Fuck Face (Rebeca Rios, Bruna, 2015).mp4
MF-5669 3 Slaves to Serve Carol’s Ass (Carol Castro, Viviane Mel, Bruna, Juliana, 2015).mp4
MF-5672-1-1_8000 Chris’s Anal Desire (Chris Castelary, Mel).mp4
MF-5675-1-1_8000 Ass Worship After the Beach Walk (Bruna, Chris Castelary).mp4
MF-5689 Under the Black Dress (Kaka Oliveira, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5716-1 Big Tongue into Tereza’s White Ass (Juliana, Flavia Oliveira, 2015).mp4
MF-5735-1 Carol’s Ass Worship and Spit Humiliation (Bruna, Carol Castro).mp4
MF-5751 Carolyne Ass Dream (Melissa Fire, Juliana, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5751 Explosive Assholes (Monica Lima, Naila, Pamela Panther, 2016).mp4
MF-5759 Nayra Mendes Big White Butt Ass Worship (Nayra Mendes, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5803 Double Ass Worship (Alana Freitas, Anny Bombom, Juliana, Viviane Mel, 2015) .mp4
MF-5833 Milf Cristal Playing with Two Little Girls (Cristal, Bruna, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5842-1-1_8000 Surrender to Karina’s Butt (Karina Peliccer, Mel).mp4
MF-5848-1-1_8000 Chimeny – Anal Nymphomaniac (Chimeny, Bruna, 2015).mp4
MF-5856-1 Great Taste of the Sara’s Ass (Bruninha, Sara).mp4
MF-5859-1 Uncle and Niece Ass Worship (Alana, Angel, Mel).mp4
MF-5882-1 Aline’s Returns (Aline Rios, Viviane Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-5884-1-1_8000 Bath of Tongue (Aline Rios, Juliana, Mel).mp4
MF-5889-1 Karina’s Anal Sex (Erika, Karina Peliccer).mp4
MF-5896 Worshiping Young Rafa Zaqui Ass (Rafa Zaqui, Liliana, 2015).mp4
MF-5905 Beatriz Gotti Gets her Ass Worshiped – Real Orgasm (Beatriz Gotti, Bruna, 2015).mp4
MF-5909-1-1_8000 Fucking Assholes (Beatriz Gotti, Bruna, Juliana, Rafa Zaqui).mp4
MF-5916 1st Top Girl Ludmila Ass Worship (Ludmila, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5920-1-1_8000 Lick My Desired Ass (Juliana, Ludmila).mp4
MF-5923-1 Real Anal Orgams (Beatriz Gotti, Mel).mp4
MF-5933 Ass Licking Massage (Ludmila, Bruna, 2016).mp4
MF-5945-1 Whats My Best Slave (Erika, Juliana, Mary Luthay).mp4
MF-5952-1 Rebecca Santos’s Honey Ass (Erika, Rebecca Santos).mp4
MF-5965 Feel the Fury of 2 Uncontrollable Goddesses (Rafa Zaqui, Rebecca Santos, Viviane Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5968-1-1_8000 Uncontrollable Anal Pleasure (Beatriz Gotti, Bruna, Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-5980-1 Giant Tania 1st Ass Worship (Tania, Bruna).mp4
MF-5983-1-1_8000 Delicious First Sol’s Ass Worship on the Stair (Mel, Sol).mp4
MF-5990-1 Cum With Me (Erika, Mary Luthay).mp4
MF-5998-1 Sol’s Anal’s Seduction (Bruna, Sol).mp4
MF-5999-1-1_8000 Fuck My Black Hole (Anny Bombom, Samy).mp4
MF-6007-1-1_8000_Lindsen’s_Hot_Orgasm_(Lindsen, Mel, 2015).mp4
MF-6013-1 My ass desires your tongue (Lola Mello, Viviane Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6019 First Ketlyn Ass Worship (Ketlyn, Viviane Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6022-1-1_8000 Ass Worship Black Pantyhouse (Bruna, Larissa Kiss, 2016).mp4
MF-6029 Bruna’s Dream Comes True (Angel Lima, Bruna, 2016).mp4
MF-6040-1-1_8000 First Bianca Big Ass Worshiped (Bianca, Bruninha).mp4
MF-6045-1-1_8000 Sol’s Asshole Deeply Fucked -real Anal Orgasm (Samy, Sol, 2016).mp4
MF-6050-1-1_8000 Put the Tongue Depply in My Asshole (Caroline Vibe, Mel).mp4
MF-6063-1-1_8000 Licking a Fitness Girl’s Asshole (Jade F., Bruna).mp4
MF-6074-1-1_8000 Tania’s Anal Orgasm (Mel, Tania).mp4
MF-6080-1-1_8000 Licking Sweety Laryssa’s Ass (Larissa Kiss, Mel).mp4
MF-6081-1 Lorena’s Ass Submission (Bruna, Lorena Fire) 2016-02-13.mp4
MF-6089-1 Lindsen Real Orgams (Lindsen, Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6093-1-1_8000 Naughty Teacher (Caroline Vibe, Mel).mp4
MF-6094-1-1_8000 Ass and Pussy Penetration (Caroline Vibe, Mel).mp4
MF-6100 Daniela Matarazzo’s Hot Ass (Daniela Matarazzo, Viviane Mel, 2016).wmv
MF-6104-1 Fucking Lorena’s Big Ass (Bruna, Lorena Fire. 2016).mp4
MF-6109-1-1_8000 Lick My Sweet Ass My Slave (Bruna, Lais Cruel, 2016).mp4
MF-6114-1 Fucking Luna’s Tight Ass (Bruna, Luna) 2016-04-30.mp4
MF-6123-1 Ravena’s Hairy Asshole Licked (Mel, Ravena).mp4
MF-6124-1-1_8000 Lais Needs to Give Her Ass Again (Lais Cruel, Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6133-1 Lili’s First Ass Worship (Lili, Naila. 2016).mp4
MF-6140-1-1_8000 Worshipping Curious’ Girl Asshole (Bruna, Megan).mp4
MF-6142-1-1_8000 Fucking Tina’s Black Asshole (Mel, Tina).mp4
MF-6144-1-1_8000 Megan’s Big Ass First Worship (Megan, Mel).mp4
MF-6148 Serving Pamela’s Ass (Pamela Panther, Viviane Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6152-1 Pamela’s Ass Desire (Bruna, Naila, Pamela Panther) 2016-04-16.mp4
MF-6156-1 Licking Becka’s Tight Ass (Becka Teen, Bruna, Mel. 2016).mp4
MF-6168-1 Nadia 18 Y.o. First Ass Licking (Bruna, Nadia, 2016).mp4
MF-6172 Brazilian Big Butt – Aline Rios interracial ass licking (Aline Rios, Naila, 2016).mp4
MF-6174-1 Pussy Lover (Aline Rios, Nadia, 2016).mp4
MF-6177-1 Fucking Two Hot Asses (Aline Rios, Mel, Nadia, 2016).mp4
MF-6189-1 Scarlet 18 Y.o. First Orgasm (Naila, Scarlet).mp4
MF-6205-1-1_8000 Estela Mattos’ Big Ass Worship (Estela Mattos, Naila).mp4
MF-6212-1-1_8000 I Am Ready to Give My Ass (Mel, Scarlet).mp4
MF-6216-1 Top Girl Bella’s First Ass Worship (Bella, Bruna).mp4
MF-6243-1-1_8000 Interracial Ass Licking (Bella, Naila).mp4
MF-6254-1 Happy Birthday Chimeny (Bruna, Chimeny, Mel, Naila) 2016-08-03.mp4
MF-6259-1 Babi’s Big Butt (Babi Ventura, Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6269-1 Cum to Me Now (Bruna, Mary Luthay, 2016).mp4
MF-6271-1-1_8000 Juliana’s Desires (Bruna, Juliana Ramos).mp4
MF-6272-1 Carol’s Anal Games Carol Castro, Viviane Mel, Naila, 2016).mp4
MF-6273-1 Have Sex With My Ass (Carol Castro, Naila, 2016).mp4
MF-6278-1 Let Me Worship Your Ass, Please (Mel, Nadia) 2017-01-03.mp4
MF-6287-1 Sucking Nadia’s Sweaty Ass (Bruna, Nadia) 2016-07-16.mp4
MF-6288-1 Pay Me With Your Ass (Bruna, Nadia) 2016-10-04.mp4
MF-6289-1 Let Me Lick Your Asshole (Bruna, Nadia) 2016-11-26.mp4
MF-6291-1 Clara’s Ass Workout (Clara Borges, Valentine, 2016).mp4
MF-6303 Alessandra Marques ass workout ( Alessandra Marques, Viviane Mel, Naila, 2016).mp4
MF-6307-1 Licking the Sisters Isa and Debora Assholes (Debora Blue, Isa Blue, Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6313-1-1_8000 Serving Clara’s Ass (Clara Borges, Mel).mp4
MF-6316-1-1_8000 Andreah Hot Big Butt Worship (Andreah, Bruna).mp4
MF-6335-1-1_8000 Worshipping Mel’s Big White Butt (Bruna, Mel).mp4
MF-6352-1-1_8000 Fucking With Asses (Chimeny, Nicole, 2016).mp4
MF-6363-1-1_8000 Clean My Ass and Pussy (Bruna, Isa Blue).mp4
MF-6366-1 4 Girls to Suck Me (Becka Teen, Bruna, Mel, Nicole, Sabrina, 2016).mp4
MF-6384-1-1 Hot Lesbian Sex (Gabriela Fresan, Nicole, 2016).mp4
MF-6396 Beg for My Ass (Bella Blu, Viviane Mel, 2016).mp4
MF-6417-1 Asslicking Orgy (Amanda, Andreah, Mary Claire, Mary Luthay) 2016-09-13.mp4
MF-6442-1-1_8000 Play With My Asshole (Mel, Mel Dome).mp4
MF-6447 Lindsen’s hot dream (Lindsen, Diana, 2016).mp4
MF-6465-1 Serving 2 Girlfriends (Babi Ventura, Viviane Mel, Mel Dome).mp4
MF-6467-1 Nadia’s 7 Slaves (Becka Teen, Bruna, Chimeny, Gabriela Fresan, Mary Luthay, Nadia, Naila, Nicole) 2016-11-12.mp4
MF-6487 Fucking with my babysitter (Alessandra Marques, Carol Castro, 2016).mp4
MF-6543-1 Sucky My Ass and My Hairy Pussy (Alice, Bruna).mp4
MF-6547 Young Girls Licking Milf’s Asshole (Melissa Faro, Miuk, Bruna, 2016).mp4
MF-6592-1-1_8000 Princess Larissa Gomes First Ass Worship (Larissa Gomes, Miuk).mp4
MF-6615-1-1_8000 Make Love With My Ass (Bianca Santos, Bruna).mp4
MF-6616- Lick My Wet Body (Bianca Santos, Bruna, 2017).mp4
MF-6617-1 Let me cum in your face – Bianca Santos’ Giant Butt (Bianca Santos, Bruna, 2017).mp4
MF-6631-1-1_8000 Licking My Boss Asshole (Bruna, Larissa Gomes).mp4
MF-6833-1 Milf fucking an young face (Miuk, Fabi Muniz, 2017).mp4
MF-6863-1 Black Butt Assassin (Isa Blue, Alessia, 2017).mp4
MF-6879-1 Cruel smother perfect butts (Manu Fox, Saori Kido, Marcella Schultz, 2017).mp4
MF-6893-1 My first facesitting (Marcella Schultz, Bruna, 2017).mp4
MF-6905-1 Enjoying your face (Rebecca Santos, Miuk, 2017).mp4
MF-6935-1-1 Another Victim (Lola Mello, Alessia, 2017).mp4
MF-6942-1-1 Cruel Nurse (Manu Fox, Cindy, 2017).mp4
MF-6977-1 Hard Facesitting Jeans (Babi Ventura, Saori Kido, 2017).mp4
MF-6983-1 Facesitting Fuck Face Top Fitness girl Sara Belmont (Sara Belmont, Alessia, 2017).mp4
MF-6996-1 Feel my black pussy in your face (Isa Blue, Cindy, 2018).mp4
MF-7006-1 Facesitting mysterious girl (Manu Fox, Saori Kido, Misterious Girl, 2017).mp4
MF-7013-1-1 2 butts for 1 face (Nicole Bittencourt, Saori Kido, Camila Santos, 2017).mp4
MF-7037-1 Demmi’s Facesitting Fucking Face (Demmi, Diana, 2017).mp4
MF-7039-1 Demmi and Manu Fox – Facesitting Fucking Face – (Manu Fox, Demmi, Alessia, 2017).mp4
MF-7045-1 Under Manu’s black lycra shorts (Manu Fox, Val Alcantara, 2017).mp4
MF-7056-1 My ass’ victim (Saori Kido, Marcella Schultz, 2017).mp4
MF-7065-1 Here is your christmas gift (Monaliza, Alessia, 2017).mp4
MF-7073 Lesbian Bath (Manu Fox, Lilith, 2018).mp4
MF-7078-1-1_8000 Brutal Girls Horror Time Series (Lola Mello, Manu Fox, Alessia, 2017).mp4
MF-7089-1 I will shut your mouth now (Diana, Mary Luthay, 2018).mp4
MF-7097-1 Princess with no mercy (Safira Prado, Alessia, 2018).mp4
MF-7112-1 Nasty girls ridding face (Demmi, Alice Alcantara, 2018).mp4
MF-7117-1 Brazilian Carnival Party (Safira Prado, Mary Luthay, Camila Santos, 2018).mp4
MF-7257-1 I Piss my pants (Saori Kido, Nicole, 2018).mp4

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