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FootFetishSanctuary is dedicated to the fetish of foot-loving, with lovely babes showing off their equally lovely feet for your worship. This site’s ladies have sexy feet and they need their slaves to make their tootsies shine. Not only do the male subs bathe their feet with their tongues, but they also sniff socks and get socks stuffed in their mouths. They tongue boots, heels and sneakers while the women bark orders at them. Foot Fetish Sanctuary is an all exclusive foot fetish site that has lowly male slaves made to worship the feet of a variety of hot ladies, none of whom have any respect for these poor bastards.

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FFS-001 – Mistress Jessica – Jessica’s Feet Complete Cleaning.wmv
FFS-002 – Mistress Jessica – Extremely Muddy High Heel Boots.wmv
FFS-003 – Mistress Celeste – Worshiping Celeste’s Nylons.wmv
FFS-004 – Mistresses Amanda & Celeste – Stay Down Untill You Lick Clean Our Feet.wmv
FFS-005 – Mistress Jessica – Dirty Boot Trampling.wmv
FFS-006 – Mistresses Amanda & Celeste – Playing With The Foot Slave.wmv
FFS-007 – Mistress Amanda – Sneakers, Socks And Sweaty Feet.wmv
FFS-008 – Mistress Celeste – Celeste’s Sneakers And Socks Care.wmv
FFS-010 – Mistress Amanda – Sweet Sweaty Sneakers And Socks.wmv
FFS-011 – Mistress Amanda & Mistress Celeste – Keeping The Feet Slave In Line.wmv
FFS-012 – Mistress Amanda – First My Walking Shoes, Than Socks!.wmv
FFS-013 – Mistress Larissa – Sniff And Lick My Dirty Feet.wmv
FFS-014 – Mistress Larissa – Worshiping Larissa’s Shoes And Feet.wmv
FFS-015 – Mistress Larissa – Lick It Good While I Chill.wmv
FFS-016 – Mistress Jessica – Favorite Red High Heel Shoes.wmv
FFS-017 – Mistress Jessica – A Table For Dirty Feet Cleaning.wmv
FFS-018 – Mistress Larissa – Zebra Shoes And Bare Feet.wmv
FFS-019 – Mistress Amanda – Proper Foot Worship.wmv
FFS-020 – Mistress Larissa – All Around The Club.wmv
FFS-022 – Goddess Amanda – After The Night Of Dancing.wmv
FFS-023 – Mistress Jessica – Assume Position Under The Table.wmv
FFS-024 – Goddess Amanda – Goddess In Red.wmv
FFS-025 – Mistress Amanda – Shoes, Feet And Chocolate Cake.wmv
FFS-026 – Goddess Maria – Goddess Maria’s Muddy Boots.wmv
FFS-027 – Mistress Lara – From Heels To Toes.wmv
FFS-028 – Mistress Amanda & Mistress Larissa – You Will Have To Do Much Better, Slave!.wmv
FFS-029 – Mistress Maria – Sleepy Feet.wmv
FFS-030 – Mistress Amanda – Suck Those Dirty Toes.wmv
FFS-031 – Mistress Maria – Dirty Feet Close-Up.wmv
FFS-032 – Mistress Amanda – Dangling At The Bar Table.wmv
FFS-033 – Goddess Maria – My Feet Are Your Only Concern!.wmv
FFS-035 – Goddess Jessica – The Scent Of Goddess Jessica’s Divine Feet.wmv
FFS-036 – Goddess Jessica – Feet Care On The Red Bad.wmv
FFS-037 – Goddess Jessica – Sweet Jessica’s Nylons.wmv
FFS-038 – Goddess Amanda – I Hate It When My Feet Are Dirty!.wmv
FFS-039 – Goddess Amanda – Perfect Office Feet Cleaning.wmv
FFS-040 – Goddess Amanda – Inside And Out Of Amanda’s Sneakers.wmv
FFS-041 – Goddess Victoria – The Place For You – Under My Soles!.wmv
FFS-042 – Goddess Sonia – Suck My Sweaty Nylons.wmv
FFS-043 – Goddess Victoria – Goddess Victoria’s Dusty Feet.wmv
FFS-044 – Goddess Amanda – By Goddess Amanda’s Bed.wmv
FFS-045 – Goddess Sonia – Smell And Inhale The Scent Of My Red Socks.wmv
FFS-046 – Goddesses Amanda & Goddess Victoria – Slave Mistreatment At The Club.wmv
FFS-047 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Victoria – One Night At A Bar (Brutal Foot Domination).wmv
FFS-048 – Goddess Jessica – Suck And Swallow.wmv
FFS-049 – Goddess Jessica – Please Me After I Trample All Over You.wmv
FFS-050 – Mistress Jessica – Divine Dirty Feet.wmv
FFS-051 – Goddesses Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Daily Routine.wmv
FFS-052 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Scheduled Feet Cleaning.wmv
FFS-053 – Goddess Eerica – Serving Goddess Eerika.wmv
FFS-054 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Spring Day Shoe And Feet Cleaning.wmv
FFS-055 – Goddess Amanda – Sweaty And Stinky.wmv
FFS-056 – Goddess Victoria – All Day In Shoes.wmv
FFS-057 – Goddess Eerica – Feet Treatment On Sunday.wmv
FFS-058 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Annoying Dirt Must Be Licked Off.wmv
FFS-059 – Goddess Jessica – Zero Tolerance For Sweaty Feet.wmv
FFS-060 – Goddess Jessica – Long Play With The Slave.wmv
FFS-061 – Goddess Amanda – A Rainy Day.wmv
FFS-062 – Goddess Larissa – Do Your Job Well, Bitch!.wmv
FFS-064 – Goddesses Eerica & Victoria – Chatting While Their Feet Are Worshiped.wmv
FFS-065 – Goddess Eerica – Make My Feet Spotless!.wmv
FFS-067 – Goddess Eerica – My Soles And Toes Need Your Tongue.wmv
FFS-068 – Goddess Victoria – A Pause Between Business Meetings.wmv
FFS-070 – Goddess Ingrid & Goddess Victoria – Afternoon Relaxation.wmv
FFS-071 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Quality Time With A Foot Slave.wmv
FFS-072 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Girl-time At The Gallery.wmv
FFS-073 – Goddess Amanda – Amanda’s Dirty Feet Close-up.wmv
FFS-074 – Goddess Larissa – Take Care Of My Feet!.wmv
FFS-075 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Bianca – Group Feet Tending Session.wmv
FFS-076 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Victoria – Continue Licking Slave!.wmv
FFS-077 – Goddess Amanda – 38 Degrees In The Shade.wmv
FFS-078 – Goddess Victoria – 3 In 1 (HHM).wmv
FFS-079 – Goddess Victoria – White, Sticky And Wet Shoes.wmv
FFS-081 – Goddess Victoria – A Tropical Day Spent In Flats.wmv
FFS-082 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Jessica – A Pedicure For Dirty Feet.wmv
FFS-083 – Goddess Jessica – The Smell And Taste Of The Red Sandals.wmv
FFS-084 – Goddess Eerica – Get On It, Slave!.wmv
FFS-085 – Goddess Eerica – Dirty Summer Shoes.wmv
FFS-086 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Stinky Shoes And Feet.wmv
FFS-087 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Victoria – Feet On The Table.wmv
FFS-088 – Goddess Eerica – Stinkiest Black Nylons.wmv
FFS-089 – Goddess Amanda – Lick My Shoes, Smell My Feet.wmv
FFS-090 – Goddess Eerica – After A Night Out.wmv
FFS-091 – Goddess Victoria – Sweaty, Stinky Feet After Work.wmv
FFS-092 – Goddess Amanda – Goddess Amanda At The Bar.wmv
FFS-093 – Goddess Victoria – Thorough Cleaning Before A Date.wmv
FFS-094 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Victoria – The Right Amount Of Brutalization.wmv
FFS-095 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Tasty Nylons.wmv
FFS-096 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – Learn How To Do It Right!.wmv
FFS-098 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Lydia – So Sweaty, So Smelly.wmv
FFS-100 – Big Tongue For Dirt Cleaning.wmv
FFS-101 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Jessica – A Dirty Reward.wmv
FFS-102 – Goddess Amanda – Use That Tongue!.wmv
FFS-103 – Goddess Eerica – Having Fun With The New Slave.wmv
FFS-104 – Goddess Amanda & Goddess Jessica – Suck, Inhale And Swallow.wmv
FFS-105 – Goddess Amanda – Thorough Sweat Removal.wmv
FFS-106 – Goddess Eerica – Tongue Cleaning Of Eerica’s Feet.wmv
FFS-107 – Goddess Amanda – Feet Relaxing.wmv
FFS-108 – Goddess Amanda – A Heavy Trampling.wmv
FFS-109 – Goddess Eerica & Goddess Victoria – The Scent Of All Day Walking.wmv
FFS-110 – Goddess Victoria – Inside Sweaty Ballet Flats.wmv
FFS-112 – Smell Our Stinky Feet, Bitch!.wmv
FFS-113 – Goddess Lydia – Lick My Feet Gently And Long.wmv
FFS-114 – Sweaty Feet On The Table.wmv
FFS-115 – Our Personal Foot Slut.wmv
FFS-116 – Goddess Lydia – White Boots.wmv
FFS-117 – Goddess Monica – After A Hard Work Day.wmv
FFS-118 – Goddess Lydia & Goddess Victoria – Lick Our Dirty, Smelly Feet, Bitch!.wmv
FFS-119 – Goddess Jessica & Goddess Victoria – Do What You’re Told!.wmv
FFS-120 – Goddess Jessica, Goddess Monique & Goddess Victoria – Dirt Is Ugly – Remove It!.wmv
FFS-121 – Goddess Jessica – Relaxing With Jessica.wmv
FFS-122 – Goddess Victoria – Crushing The Old Phone.wmv
FFS-123 – Goddess Victoria – Stay Close To My Soles.wmv
FFS-124 – Goddess Victoria – It Must Be Licked Clean.wmv
FFS-125 – Goddess Alena & Goddess Bianca – Suck The Sweat Out Of Our Feet.wmv
FFS-126 – Goddess Bianca & Goddess Victoria – Pay Pig Experience.wmv
FFS-127 – Goddess Alena – Sweet Alena’s Feet.wmv
FFS-128 – Goddess Victoria – The Scent Of My Sweat.wmv
FFS-129 – Goddess Victoria – Shut Up And Suck It!.wmv
FFS-130 – Goddess Bianca & Goddess Victoria – Bedroom Fun.wmv
FFS-131 – Goddess Sandra, Goddess Valentine & Goddess Victoria – Obey Us Worthless Slave.wmv
FFS-132 – Goddess Bianca – Playing With My High Heel Shoes.wmv

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